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The Gait and Balance Academy, (GaBA) is designed to be your “go to” resource for gait and balance information. It serves as the leading communication platform for the research and clinical communities.

Together with internationally recognized contributing experts, GaBA offers scientific research and facilitates collaboration among participants, offering access to classical educational resources and newly created, innovative content. These materials, including research reports, presentations and videos, are based on validated scientific protocols and are updated regularly.

The digital era has revolutionized access to information. It’s the primary tool used by patients seeking health-related information and treatment.  It’s also used extensively by medical personnel searching for topics relating to symptoms and/or presentations, treatment options, articles, and medical products.

The Web is a great resource, but it can be difficult to discern what information is reliable and what information is not. How can clinicians, researchers, and consumers be expected to tell the difference quickly and efficiently between accurate supporting documentation about devices and protocols versus ambiguous and misleading science or marketing exaggerations and hype? That’s where GaBA comes in. The Gait and Balance Academy is designed to help the gait and balance community access the most reliable and up-to-date information in the field on a dedicated platform.

Join the GaBA community to contribute to and/or learn about objective gait and balance measures that actually measure what they purport to measure. Share your successes with a community that cares about improving wellness while reducing the cost of healthcare globally.

Only information about scientifically-based objective measurement systems, grounded in science and math that produce useful, functional performance metrics will be offered on the platform. That’s the GaBA goal and your input is welcomed to help make sure that this goal is sustained.

GaBA members engage in useful research designed to solve issues that arise in clinical practices.  

GaBA will be a multi-tiered service that includes some content that is free of charge but will also develop fee-based subscriber sections.  Your subscription will help us fulfill our mission to be your virtual library.

Over time the GaBA community will grow into a thriving ecosystem that will become the leading resource for gait and balance information. Visit us at